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Busy for a  Mystery....

I was quite silent for some time, or at least my blog, I have to apologize.

Life can be quite busy sometimes and it really was the last couple of months.

But busy does NOT mean that I did not quilt or sew, oooooh no!



I was asked to design a Mystery Quilt for a Patchwork magazine in Germany, and because it was quite a spontaneous idea, I really had to dive quicky  into the matter and set aside hundreds of other projects....


I was sponsored by a fabric shop called Karlotta Pink, a shop specialised in South African ShweShwe, Australian and Fair Trade fabrics from all over the world...


The Mystery Quilt is named "Eine Prise Afrika" which means "A pinch of Africa" and takes you to a Safari-Tour through  Rwanda and Namibia, two countries in Africa which were my "home" for a long time....

"Eine Prise Afrika" is built up in 3 parts, the first part has just been published...



You don't see the quilt on the cover, it is a mystery.... smile.....


Ines Weizenegger is the owner of the Karlotta Pink Shop, she is full of energy and ideas!

I never thought that it would be that much work, to be  honest.


I had to design the blocks myself, which I did using EQ7 (at least I really use it now day and night....), sew the quilt in 2 different fabric versions for Karlotta Pink and in another version for myself, writing the directions for each block etc etc..... Sewing the tops together and quilting them... uffff....



And today, I just finished quilting the top done with Australian Aborigine-themed fabrics. I cannot show you the top, it is a mystery quilt, the second part to be released in summer and the third and last part in autumn, but here just a little pic of some background quilting....

I should have more time now (no laughing please....), more time for other projects, family, garden, quilting, sewing.......  smile....


Have a wonderful day and take care!


Meme Judith

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A new bag for every week....

Bag of the Month Club

As I already mentionned in a former post, I joined the Bag of the Month Club again this year....


How does this Club work?


During 6 months, you get a great pattern tutorial from a super bag designer. The only thing  you have to do is buy the hardware, if needed, and jump into your stash to find the perfect fabrics to match with the pattern..... This is just pure joy!


The January pattern is called:


Backgammon Bag, by Betz White



Here is my "Bag Tree"...

We hardly had any snow here in Lucerne this winter, so our Christmas Tree has been re-decorated  with my new 4 January bags.....

but just for the photoshooting, of course, the bags are in the flat again :-)

And here, more detailled, my 4 bags:


This one is made of denim and perch leather, with Tula Pink ribbons, I love the contrast of the leather so much!


The 2nd one is also made of denim but this time, with tilapia leather. I always admire this beautiful texture, the leather is so smooth and easy to sew with.


The 3rd bag is now made of fabrics, one is a heavy cotton fabric from IKEA, the other one an african wax print from Senegal.

I like this combination of colours very much.


And bag no. 4 is also made of denim and Tula Pink fabrics, a real nice summer look

Well, I really have 4 bags at the moment, one for each week... BUT.....


another 3 are already cut and are waiting for me to sit down and sew.....


I confess, I am a BAG ADDICTED, but that is a wonderful addiction when you sew them yourself!


Which one is your preferred one?

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Crows & Kissing a Snake

What do Crows and Snakes have in common?


Both are animals which have been created for my two newest quilts.




Patchwork-Background using KONA-Solids, nuno-felted crows (alpaka & merino wool, hand-dyed swiss mountain silk, felted on a silk-chiffon).

The crows have then been appliquéed by machine on the background and stitched by hand.


60 x 65 cm (23.5 x 25.5 inches)


I love these birds, they are our neighbours and especially during wintertime, they make lots and lots of fuss on the playground behind the house, so there is plenty of time to watch them .

That was for the crows, krraaaaaaa


And what abouth the snake?

Some weeks ago, Karlotta Pink asked on FB if somebody was interested in sewing something with her newest Australian fabric collection.

I asked her if she wanted a quilt to be done.....

She was immediately enthusiastic, sent me some fabric and I designed a bright and colourfull wall quilt with her fabrics.


If you want to see more pics, go to this FB-Account!




Yes, look for the snake, I did not want to name it differently, because you have to look for Sssssnake......



As you can see, I was quite productive these last few weeks!


And still am, of course, I still want to finish a X-mas Wallquilt........ I still hope to finish it ....


Have a wonderful X-mas and wish you all a wonderful and blessed year 2016!

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Getting busy for 2016

Summertime is definitively over, fall has been fantastic, very sunny and warm and now wintertime wants to settle down.

And I had to settle down as well, family life was very intensive the last 3 months, and I just needed a blog pause..... please apologize for that.

Since 2 weeks, I can calm dow, relax and breathe deeply again, and with me the whole family of course.

And I already have plans for 2016, far too much, but I just have to sew again, I really missed it the last months. My fabrics and yarns just wait for me to sit down and begin with the creative process, so I will keep this post short :-)

and I enrolled in these fantastic activities :-)

Stash Bee 2016
The Bee Hive
Bag of the Month Club

So let's get started and sort out fabrics ....

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Sew Along: Farmer's Wife 1930s

I decided to join the fun of a new Sew Along, organized by Angie from Gnome Angel in Australia!

The Sew Along did not start yet, but the group is growing and growing so quickly on Facebook, this is going to be such a fun to see each one's block!

If you would like to study the rules and all the information about this sew along, click on the button above, everything is super organized!

The Sew Along starts on 28th September, so there is still time to buy the book (which includes a template CD on the back), to go through all the beautiful fabrics you have at home or which are waiting for you in the next shop :-)

Farmer's Wife 1930s, Block #1, Addie
Farmer's Wife 1930s, Block #1, Addie

And of course, as I already have the book, I had to try out the first block using Kona Solids and Tula Pink..... and I love the result...

So, do not hesitate, join the fun!

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