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Soccer Worldcup - Week 3 ......

To be honest, I am really glad the Worldcup will soon be over... only one week left, one top left and then I will have lots of pieces to quilt...

And here is the top for week Nr. 3 (please apologize my bad pictures, better ones will be taken when quilting is done....)


You can download the free pattern of this quilt here.


The quilt is really fun to sew, you can use jelly rolls and a solid background, makes it so powerful.

See you next week with top Nr. 4, the last Worldcup-Quilt for this time :-)

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Soccer Wordcup - Week 2 Quilt finished...

New week, new top, this is my personal challenge during the Soccer World Cup in Brazil...


My boys are playing soccer every free minute, and since Switzerland has won yesterday's game and entered the second round, I have the feeling to live in Brazil, my boys are wearing yellow/green or red/white and we have soccer balls in every corner, in- and outside the house....


And I finished my top no. 2 as well, up to know I am on track :-)


The pattern was also found in this magazine

The pattern is from Kimberly Jolly from Fat Quarter Shop, it is really easy sewing and the top was so fun to piece.



Now, I will go back to the sewing room and think about Top. Nr. 3, the fabrics have already been selected!


Have a wonderful week!



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Soccer Time-Out

Soccer World Cup 2014


Every 4th year the same story as usual, with my DH which was an active soccer player (now he is training kiddies every week).


This year something special: all my 3 boys are soccer players, they absolutely love this sport and you can imagine which topics were discussed BEFORE the Word Cup....


And now, it is even worse... It is all about positions, goals, fouls etc.... from 6 a.m to nearly midnight.....


But I am not going to whine, no, because the best thing which is about this event: I can SEW & QUILT for hours without beeing disturbed all the time!

I always see the positive thing in a situation, and this is really positive. I never had so much time for me in the last months, sewing, quilting and drinking coffee!


So, I set myself a GOAL, but not a soccer goal, a quilting goal, LOL


to sew one top  a week during the World Cup 2014

World Cup started last week, and I finished the first top 2 days ago. I took the pattern from the following magazine


Here is the post of Carey's Blog, she was the designer of this quilt

And here is my top, done with Northcott Stonehenge Winter Stone collection and KONA Orange.


Of course, it is not yet quilted, but my goal was to sew one top a week, not to quilt everything in a week. I will have enough time to quilt after Soccer World Cup .....



And, YES, I am on track, already busy sewing Top Nr. 2  for the second week of soccer-mania, LOL....


All I can say at the moment, the pattern of Nr. 2 is also one from the same magazine mentionned above....


Stay tuned....

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Let's PIC-NIC ! Blog Hop with Sew We Quilt!

It is time again for a blog hop, organized by Mdm Samm and cheared by lovely Mary


Thanks to both of you, I know how much work it is to keep us focused!!!


I had some problems on focusing the last weeks, gardening season arrived, first 65 preserves done in my small kitchen, kiddies having LOTS of events (end of school year events, soccer events, birthday parties....).


Three weeks ago, I also was elected in the commitee of the Swiss Patchwork Guild (, so I really looked more into paper work than fabric work .... ( I am the one with the greenish-blueish dress in the middle of the group...)

But now, back to the hop!


Here are the creators opening the first day of the Pic-Nic Hop :-))


Monday June 2





How Art You? (I am fine, and you?)




Pig Tales and Quilts

Did you know there is an international Picnic Day? LOL

Mdm Samm, we should have started the hop 2.5 weeks later, smile ...

Well, I did not, of course, until today :-)


I grew up with picnics, I grew up in Africa (Rwanda), so everytime we had visits, we went to the national parks and always had picnics, heeps of sandwiches, cold chicken meat, tons of fruits and COLD water.


And I still organize the picnics like that: out of the box/basket, no fire, no running around to turn the meat or sausages over the barbecue, just sit, relay, enjoy, play, drink, eat, chat and look at the clouds and the birds.

The whole work had and still has to be done before the picnic, that is how my mother did it and I took over...

What is a MUST for our picnics?

Actually,  tons of fruit, my kiddies eat lots of fruits and they love summertime, melons, peaches, cherries, and lots more.

So when we do a picnic (mostly in our fruit garden or at a small river) I and DH have to fill our bagpacks with fruits in every colours and sizes....)


We do not cut them before we arrive at our picnic place(s), we also bring with us bread, cheese, some herbs (we also find a lot of herbs in the forest), smoked meat, raw vegies and when we are lucky, wild berries.



And most of the time, we do the same thing: a porcupine melon :-))


small Mozarella balls / cheese cubes





parma bacon or whatever sliced meat you like


I tell you, kiddies are so creative when it come to make the spikes :-)

And that gave me the idea to make a small quilt, a retro "fruit basket" :-))



And my boys love to have picnic near our small river, no need to think about games to bring with, they just sit or walk in the shallow water, and play until the whole picnic has vanished...

Meanwhile, I just enjoy this peaceful moments basting hexies in all kind of sizes...

And you know why I just love picnics so much?


Not just because I can just enjoy the time with my family without thinking about washing the dishes and looking after the oven or the pots


But because I just can shake the quilt at the end of the picnic and leave the crumbles to others :-))



Thanks for stopping by and try such a porcupine melon on your next picnic :-))

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SUPERPOWER!!! blog Hop with Sew We Quilt!

When the SUPERPOWERED Mdm Samm and Pauline announced this great blog hop, again, I could not resist, so I was very weaaaaak (nada superpower!)....


I tried to think very hard about superpower.... mmmh, super + power, okay, that is fine

Super is THE word my kiddies use for nearly everything, it is as often said at home as coooooool .


With 4 men at home, lots of discussion of course is held about POWER.... such as "I am the strongest, Daddy is the strongest, blablabla and etc." and they talk and talk and show muscles and I am just sitting there and ... giggling....


Then I ask (quite often, I must admit...): "Which is the strongest person at home, boys?"

You know what the youngest answered last week?

"Mami, Papa is the strongest, but you are the chief"....


LOL, wise words from a 3.5-years old boy.....


And here are the superpowered creators of today :-))



Now, back to topic.


What is my Superpower?


Well, I think my biggest power is to look forward, to be a very positive person, to make the best of a situation and to rarely look back.

I love the nature, we are lucky to have a big vegetable and fruit garden near our flat, so I spent every free minute without rain digging in the dirt, planting, harvesting, cooking, making preserves, drying herbs and veggies.

I love this work, even hard sometimes, but it gives me the feeling of freedom and happiness and I am very happy that my men do the same.


My youngest adores snails, he collects them every time, speaks to them, kiss them (...... well, I also have too, he wants it like that.....)and puts them back in a shadowy place.


I love amphibians and reptiles and yesterday, I was so happy to see this blindworm in the middle of the path, trying to warm up. So I helped a little bit, I took it and stayed some minutes in full sun and gave it enough warmth until it began to move. And then, uppps, we put it in a place where it could hide better, we have a lot of crows, I did not want it to end up in their beak.


So, I was very busy sewing the last 3 weeks, I got some kinda power-booster-super-energy, must come from spring time, grin!


I did 4 tablerunners (you never have enough toppers....), 1 Easter embroidery using DMC Treads (great quality!) and nearly finished my  "Dans le Jardin" Quilt.


For the quilt, I combined the patterns of Amy Bradley and Red Brolly, they fitted so nicely together!

When I look back at my results of the past 3 weeks, I just think: OMG, I am just crazy.....


But now I know what the perfect recipe is for getting superpowered: digg in the dirt, plant something, kiss a snail AND a blindworm and you will be rewarded with SUPER POWER (and just pray you don't end up looking like him, LOL!!!)

Please enjoy the other hoppers with their projects and thanks for reading such a looooonnnng post ...


Powerful hugs from Switzerland



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