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T'was THE night - Blog Hop!!

Welcome to a very special blog hop hosted by Mdm Samm and cheered by Marlene.... This blog is so special, because we were supposed not only to show projects, which can be done in a few hours for X-mas, BUT (and this makes it soooo special) to send a handmade gift to the blogger next on the list.....

This means I received something from Geta's Quilting Studio and sent a parcel to Hill Valley Quilter..... Imagine our anticipation for this blog, sending and receiving little gifts before X-mas, to be trained for THE time... LOL!

So, let's first start with the gift I received from Geta. I am reading the blog of Geta quite a while, I bought some of her bag patterns, they are really easy to follow and I just love these. I was really thrilled when I received her package, wondering what she would have been making for me...

And I received 2 wonderful pouches, with the fantastic material faux suede, so soft and nice. I really can use these pouches, they are already filled with hundreds of paper pieces templates.... one can never ever have enough bags, LOL.


She also included a whole package of these pens which wash-away... She wrote a post regarding these, if you have time, have a look! I did not test them yet, but I am very happy to have them now at home!

And then she made a wonderful AMC for me, with her special trapunto method, I love love love it!

Thank YOU Geta, for this special package filled with wonderful things!

And here now the little things which I did the last few weeks. Most of them really only need 3-4 hours attention and work, and they are always a wonderful gift for special persons :-)

Little frame purses, bigger and very small....

Table runners, bigger and smaller.

All these 3 projects were made with the same template:

60 degree diamond

Kitchen towel with a sweet paper pieced block...

Some Clamshell Purses, in all sizes and variation

And this afternoon, I found the perfect tree to show these gifts, I am a very lucky person !

Besides sewing, I also enjoy felting very much.

I decided to make a special present for very special persons this year:




Measuring the glas which will receive a felt-dress.....

Layering the sooooo fine wool on the pattern....

I used Wensleydale-wool (white) with some coloured one

and that is how the glas looks like at the end with its new wonderful dress ....

And the light will shine, still bright  but much warmer,

the perfect light for T'was the night......

And I would like to end my posting with a special give-away, something special for T'was the night....

I will give away a LIGHT, yes, a felted one.....

It will be smaller than the ones in the above picture, but the LIGHT will have its own felted dress and will show YOU its special shining for the special days of the year.....

I will not be sending the light by the end of the week, it will leave Switzerland in about 2 weeks, so be surprised if you are the lucky bird to win ...


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Beware!!! Black Cat Crossing......

Time again for the creepy wicked blog hop of the year....

A huge MERCI to Mdm Samm and  Wicked Wendy for cheering us and keeping us busy for this bewitched hop!

A huge thank you as well to our sponsors Maywood Studio for supporting this hop!

Today, the following  creators are presenting their creepy projects, have a really good look at all of them !


Thursday, October 30

Switzerland is not the typical Halloween-country, but my 3 smalls boys are getting very fond of it, as most kiddies do I presume.

So I decided to sew something for the kitchen table, a big table runner if I can describe it like this, LOL....

And this lady was the inspiration for the quilt.... may I present.....



yes yes, that is her real name....


she is really a black cat, a bewitched one


difficult character, but she is so lovely ... to ME....


She never accepted nor my hubbie nor my kiddies


just listening to her mommy witch

(which is me....)

So I decided to stitch her on my huge table runner, she is the perfect black cat...

As you can see, I did a mixture of stitching by hand and machine quilting in the single blocks.

Thank you for reading this long post, and a kind of ... creepy ... farewell from Diva.... smile

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and the RUSH winner is....

The lucky bird having won the 3 FQs of the RUSH hours fabrics is.....


LJ, with comment #53!


Congrats Linda, the fabrics have left this morning. Happy landing!

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Let's (not) RUSH blog hop!

This is now the last day of the "RUSH HOURS" blog hop, sponsored by Studio E Fabrics, organized by our multitalented Mdm Samm and cheared by our great Carol....

I was one of the lucky bird to receive a sponsored FQ-bundle of Studio E-fabrics for this hop, and I really wanted to do 2 quilts with them (and some white KONA as background). Because I live in Switzerland, I had to wait a little bit longer for the fabrics to arrive, that is why I already started with project No.1.

A huge thank you to you, Samm, for sending everything to me, it really means a lot to me, big hugs!

The pattern for project No. 1 was taken from the Quilters Newsletter, August/September 2014.

When I saw the quilt, designed by Carolyn Hughey, I knew that it would also look great in the "have to be used" fabrics red/black/grey and white.


The quilt is named "3 shades of grey" and I immediately felt in love with it.

It is not quilted at this time, it will take me quite some time to do it on my old Pfaff sewing machine, but I already love the top.

At nearly the same time, I started the second quilt, and I named it RELAX.... no rush, easy, or pole pole, like we would say in Swahili .... and when I am at the playground with my 3 boys, I can relax... really relax until they are thirsty or hungry or.... LOL


This pattern was taken from McCall's Quilting, September/October 2014. The quilt was designed by Laurie Vandergriff of Spring Creek Quilting.

I thought it would be the perfect quilt to match with the great fabrics of Rush Hours!

For the RELAX-word, I appliquéed the circles by hand, and did some stitches around the letters. The middle part of the quilt has been machine-quilted.

And please please have a look at the beautiful rushed creations of the following crazy girls of today :-)

Tuesday, September 30

Sew We Quilt

Thank you sew much for taking the time of reading my post and I wish you GOOD LUCK for winning the following give-away :-))

These are the 3 FQs left from my bundle, ready to depart to.....???

Good luck, the winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, so keep your fingers crossed....

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The "See you in September" Hop is over, and the winner of my give-away is Marcy!

Marcy, you are the lucky bird to have won the 2 mini-charm-packs, congratulations!

And to all the others, there is soon another hop... and of course another chance to win something !

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