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Have a Latte - Blog Hop!

It is time again for the "Have a Latte" Blog Hop! A Hop full of coffee smell, wonderful creations in fabrics and in brews...

A huge THANK YOU to Mdm Samm for organizing this Coffein hop and of course to Joan for cheering us to create and drink coffee...

This hop is about COFFEE, ooh yeas, I love coffee! The fabric collection was designed by Dan Di Paolo for Clothworks and is named "Have a Latte".

And here is the schedule of today's ladies!

How Art You? (you are here)

For this hop, I wanted to sew small projects and I decided to combine sewing with x-stitching. I saw this pattern online and I knew exactly it would perfectly fit the fabric collection...

Here are the first five owls I finished as mug rugs....

From low coffein level to high voltage....

I just love these owls looking weird after having drunk their cup of coffee....

The only one I did not stitch up to now, is the "Irish Coffee" Owl, but I already started it, it cannot be ommitted!

Perfect rugs for a cup of my favourite coffee brew, Sumatra, with my Bodum press

And I also did some bigger rugs for the table, using the same collection.

I kept the quilting design very straight, as the cups are dancing and swirling around.

Thank YOU all for the visit, and do not forget to visit all the fellow bloggers of today and the coming days, have a nice coffee and relax!


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Tea for two - blog hop!

It is time again for another blog hop show day !

The whole fun has been organized by "our" Lady Samm, and Cori from Chitter Chatter Designs.

Our cheerleader which kept us on track is Mary, from Needled Mom.

So, these three ladies made us work again like crazy..... trying again to dig into our creativity and to find out which project could be done.... We were asked to make something out of Cori's pattern "Tea for two".

Improvisation, imagination and lots of fun hours were used to sew and/or stitch something out of the different pattern.

Here are the ladies which are showing their projects today!

Be sure to look at all the postings, there will be for sure lots and lots of inspiration!

As I did not know for a looooooong time what to sew with the embroidered blocks, I started with the stitching of the SHOES-blocks.....

Yes, I confess, I love and absolutely love love shoes. I love crazy shoes, high heels, shoes you can hardly wear....

But I personally only have 2 (yes, two !!!) pairs of shoes.....

Incredible? Perhaps, but you have to understand:

- I wear shoe size 43 (european), which would be size 11.5 (U.S.)

-  There are nearly NEVER shoes in the shops which are sold in the ladies dept. from this size

- Therefore, I only wear men's shoes, and even there, I have to try every single pair until I can find ONE (if I am lucky) which fits my feet.... (no, I am not a Hobbit.... LOL)

So, I have my winter boots for Autumn and Winter and part of  Spring, and I have my leather Flipflops for Summer. And that's it.

That is why I love to walk into shoe shops and admire the most crazy creations.... dreaming is always allowed, isn't it?

And that is why I only stitched the shoes blocks, as simple as that.

The first block is my own design, all the other blocks are from Cori.

After having finished stitching the blocks, I realized that I still had quite some fabrics with shoes on them..... so I digged into my pile of fabrics and found the perfect fabrics to match the embroidery....

The collection was called "Sassy Shoes" from SPX fabrics.

Using this collection and my beloved QCR-Ruler (Quick Curved Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful), I pieced the blocks for my shoes-quilt.

Do you want to see another possibility to present a quilt top???

I had sooo much fun today on our new trampolin....

Sorry for being silly today, but I also wanted to jump a little bit with my quilt top :-)

Time for a give-away!


I will send this fabric panel to one lucky bird which leaves a comment at the official end of the hop!


Good luck!

Love you all, ladies! Take your time and JUMP!

It makes one laugh and feel soooooo light, LOL !


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Tree Bird Blog Hop

Today is already the last day of this cute and tweety TREE BIRD blog hop, and it is also "my" day...

A huge and chirpy Thank You to Mdm Samm, the leading power behind all these hops and Lana, our Cheerleader par excellence which kept us on track all the time! 

I really appreciate your efforts and all the work done behind the scenes, a huge MERCI to both of you!

As mentionned in my previous  post, I am living in Lucerne, a Swiss city near a wonderful big lake, and I absolutely love to walk and watch the birds which are living near and on the lake. My favourites are swans, I just cannot stop looking at them. They are quite huge but still elegant.

For this hop, I took the collection of Tracy Lizotte for Elizabeth Studio, a beautiful collection of a huge variety of birds and birdhouses!

And to put all these cute chirpy panels into the scene, I took an elderly pattern from Judy Niemeyer (2003) which fit perfectly my idea.

It took me quite some days to finish the pattern, there were some paper pieced patterns to sew and this always take time :-)

The top is finished, but I could not quilt it yet... still work to be done with these birds...

My middle son and I really tried to put the quilt in value, but it was a windy day and we laughed a lot while trying to keep this top stiff....

Thank you Tiago, love you so much for your patience!

And we tried as well to let the quilt fly, smile, we nearly reached our goal ...

Thank you for your visit and have a look at the other birds of the day :-)

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Meet & Greet Stitchers!

Grüezi mitenand.... which means Greeting You All in Swiss German !

Thank you Samm for putting this Meet & Greet together!

I am living in Lucerne, a city which attires lots of tourists every day....

Lucerne is situated in the heart of Switzerland, the lake is wonderful and the Mount Pilatus is throning over the whole region.

I settled down in Lucerne in Fall 2007, together with my husband and my 3 Boys. We were living some years in Northern Namibia before and we wanted to live in a town or city near a lake. Bingo, Lucerne was (and still is) THE perfect spot :-)

I started sewing in my early years, concentrating on clothes and bags. I discovered Patchwork in 2009, while looking  through some books in a library and this particular book showing quilts of Kaffe Fassett did not leave my hands anymore....

I love to sew quilts, big or small, for using in daily life or to hang up on the wall like a poster. I love to sew by hand, it keeps my fingers always busy, doesn't matter where I am....

Mount Pilatus, some 2 weeks ago

I discovered X-Stitch through the blog hop of Mdm Samm......

and I really enjoy this silent crafting!

And I just love small little purses.... they are so addictive

Stitching something on quilts is very relaxing and give the whole project a little extra character.

Here I stitched and appliquéed the word RELAX on the left side of the quilt

On the quilt below, which was sewn for the yearly Halloween Hop of Sew We Quilt, I stitched the cats and some other details by hand...

Some of the thread is glowing in the dark, scary ...

And I absolutely love hand-sewing, with the papier piecing method.

Little projects, big projects, this does not matter, I can take everything with me and I can sew nearly everywhere!

And of course I stitch a lot  small blocks, they are fun to stitch and one day, they will be part of a quilt....

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a look at all the other Bloggers!

Tschüss or goodbye.....

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We Support YOU! Blog Hop

It is time again for a very special blog hop, organized by "our" Mdm Samm from Sew We Quilt....

Our Cheerleader is Pat, thank you so much for all the work you have done behind the scene!

Why special? Well, it is a hop to show our SUPPORT to the ladies which are fighting day and night against cancer....


I have 2 friends which are fighting against breastcancer, and I really admire them, they are so strong and positive thinking.


I never took good health for granted, and I am really grateful every day when I see my family growing without big disease. Hopefully it will go on like this for a loooooooooong time....


And here are the projects of the 4 supportive creators of today!

When I joined the hop, I knew immediately that I wanted to make a sort of  modern quilt which would chase away the worries about the disease and give a little dash of spring feelings to one of my dear friends.

 The inspiration for the quilt was given by this wonderful book

I especially found a special quilt design in there which was really perfect for my project! It is this design from Kajsa Wikman.

You can find the picture of the quilt which was presented in the book here.

But I wanted to add a second bird on the quilt, and then of course some bras, designed by Mdm Samm.

If you want to purchase the design, please send her an email!

So, here some details of the quilt to start with:

Here is the bird on the left, with a stylish black&white bra

Then the bird on the right side of the quilt, with an CopaCabana-sort of bra.....

And here the bra in the middle, still not finished (the straps have to be appliquéed tonight)

And here is the whole quilt (please apologize the poor light conditions, it has been snowing and snowing and snowing.......)

It is difficult to see, but I quilted flowers using an orange-yellow variegated thread (LAVA from Superior Thread).

Next week, my friend will receive this quilt and I hope she will love it as much as I loved to piece and quilt it!

And a big THANK YOU for all of you who are supporting this hop with your wonderful creations!

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